CAB – Red Rocks Research Party

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Both Shannon and I agree that tonight’s get together was a success! We had a great time and it seems to me the common thread among us, Starbucks, was all the catalyst we needed to have a good time. There were 16 of us that enjoyed each other’s company at dinner with Katilyn, Rachel, and Lucky sneaking in for the picture. Shawn, our guest of honor who is researching Birkdale, is standing on the back row, center, with the glasses. It was a perfect night, weather wise, for Shawn to experience Birkdale. The patio at Red Rocks provided the perfect atmosphere to complement the delicious food. As far as the company and the drinks went… it couldn’t have been better.

Shannon and I are looking forward to our next CAB event which will be a free Salsa lesson from Heather (former Character who owns Charlotte Latin Dance). We have already found the perfect venue for this event and are excited to treat our Characters to another fun night out on the town.

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