Day 127

Congratulations to Todd, Cheryl, and Hannah! They just upgraded to a beautiful new house in Cowan’s Ford. Their house is in the beautiful Tree Tops community that has its own private golf course and quick access to the lake. Last but not least, they’re not paying Mecklenburg taxes.

Car of the Day:

2008 – Present Smart Fortwo

Character of the Day:

Hunter – The White Mayweather (The Great White Hope)

Hunter is the next great white hope, he is a local native that has the personality and some of the skills that Floyd Mayweather (the boxer) has. His charismatic attitude is put to good use when women are around. They all seem to enjoy his obvious flirting. I first met Hunter when we both worked together as waiters at Pssgheties. That’s where I found out that he is an avid boxer that has been training for the last few years. He is also going to be attending East Carolina in August. He plans on getting his degree in business so that he will be prepared to take over his father’s business. He also enjoys extreme sports and isn’t afraid to take a chance. After just recently recovering from a serious snowboard accident that left him with a plate and a couple of screws in his shoulder he is ready to head to ECU and join the wakeboarding team. I’ve got to say… I like where his mind is. His favorite thing about Birkdale… “The beautiful people”.

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