Day 128

CSI – Christian Surfers International

Today’s Character inspired me to do some research on the CSI. Christian Surfers started in the late ’70’s by a group of teenage Australian surfers who wanted to reach out to other surfers. Brett Davis who at the time was 23 became the first full time worker which eventually led to the creation of CSI. CSI was born in 1999 when groups of surfers from different countries came together in an international movement. Their vision is to be a Christian presence and witness to the world surfing community. Their goals include:

1) Evangelise the surfing communities of the world
2) Serve the local church world wide by providing a bridge between the church and the beach
3) Network Christian Surfers missions world wide and thus provide a mission niche for surfers

Car of the Day:

2001 – Present MINI Cooper S

Character of Day:

Seth – The Surfer/Missionary

Seth is another local who grew up in Cornelius. After graduating from high school he attended CPCC for three years studying Sociology & Writing. Having experienced a profound moment with God during high school he decided that being a missionary was his calling. He heard about YWAM (Youth With A Mission), which is the same program that Tamara (former Character) is involved in, and headed to Australia. While he was there he also became affiliated with Christian Surfers International which allowed him to surf and witness at the same time. His passion for surfing started as a child when his father bought him a boogy board at Myrtle beach. Ever since then he would take trips to Fiji, California, & Costa Rica to surf. He would live in a tent in California for eight days at a time while he was surfing. During his second trip for YWAM he lead a team to India & Nepal to help out orphanages and children living at bus stops. He also decided to trek through the Himalaya mountains and share the gospel to the villagers along the way. Being back in the states for a while he is focusing on photography. Below are some of his photographs that are in Starbucks. My favorite quote of his, “I believe God created coffee to help people interact and enjoy each other”. His favorite thing about Birkdale… “Relationships”.

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