Day 244

Car of the Day:


2006 – Present Infiniti M35x

Character of the Day:


Mike – Owner of My New Favorite Restaurant

After checking out t1 tapas I had to sit down and get to know Mike. His restaurant has been open for two weeks and I LOVE it. Both he and I have the same idea of using technology to emphasize the human interaction between people. Mike was born and raised in Philadelphia (he loves Philly cheese steaks) and moved to NC to attend Duke (I can’t hold it against him… he wife, Denise,  went to Carolina) where he received his engineering degree in Optics. He moved to San Diego where he received his PHD at UC San Diego. He did say that Birkdale reminds him of the west coast. After school he started a company called Digital Optics which focused on inventing products specialized in optics. I asked why an Optics Engineer decided to open his own restaurant and this is what he said, “When Denise and I travel to England we always loved eating at pubs. We also wanted to share pictures with our friends over drinks… there wasn’t a good place to do that”. Mike is quick to dispel the myth that engineers aren’t creative. He and Denise have been married for 23 years and have two daughters. His oldest is attending UNC Wilmington with aspirations of getting her film degree. Denise’s influence on the restaurant became apparent when I was learning about the food over lunch. The Tapas, Spanish for appetizers, consists of organic foods gathered from local farmer’s markets. I would definitely consider this a “green” restaurant. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the owner of my new favorite restaurant and look forward to enjoying many meals there. His favorite thing about Birkdale… “being able to walk from my home to the village”.

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