Day 276

Car of the Day:


Jaguar XJS

Character of the Day:


Sarah – The Interior Designer

I was introduced to Sarah through Craig (Day 164), he knew she would make for a great Character. Sarah was born in upstate New York and raised in New Hampshire. She attended The University of New Hampshire where she received a dual degree in Communications and English/Journalism. Initially she had dreams of becoming a news Anchor but found out the constant waves of depressing news wasn’t her style. Her first gig out of college was as a feature story coordinator for the local ABC news affiliate in NYC. You know those news clips where you see the person talking but never the interviewer… Sarah was the interviewer. She did get to interview some impressive celebrities such as Aretha Franklin and Kelly Rippa. Realizing that she would have to move to a smaller market to get in FRONT of the camera she decided to move to NC where she was an assignment editor. She was the one who checked the news wires and scanners for any news and sent the field reporters on their assignments. “I realized when the News Director was hoping for a fire, murder, or robbery that this wasn’t the job for me” she said quietly. So she moved over to the PR world and worked for Rolex as well as a small boutique PR firm that specialized in representing interior designers. It was her PR work for top furniture designers that uncovered her passion for interior design. It has been six years now since she has received her degree and started her own company. Sarah has been published in Southern Living Magazine; Today’s Custom Home; The Charlotte Observer and many other design publications. Her designs have also been featured on weekly television segments with WBTV in Charlotte. Sarah’s approach to design is more holistic allowing her client’s spirits to be lifted when at home, which she calls “design therapy.” She believes, when your home is both functional and beautiful, you are more likely to find happiness, fulfillment and live a healthy and balanced life. If you’re looking for the perfect designer you can contact Sarah at 704-763-9974 or Her favorite thing about Birkdale… “It is a microcosm of a city, you have everything you need in walking distance….what former New Yorker doesn’t love that?”

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