Day 308

Car of the Day:


2000 – 2003 BMW Z8

Character of the Day:


MJ – Sees the economy as an opportunity!

MJ is a true entrepreneur who hasn’t filled out a W2 once in his life. He is originally from London, England and moved to Pilot Mountain, NC at the age of 15. It was quite the culture shock for him. “I moved from a city of 8 million people to a town of 1,400” he said. He attended Longwood University in Virginia where he received his Bachelor’s in European History with the idea of going into law if his intial passion did not work out, which was to enter into his family business of developing real estate. We both took similar paths starting our careers in real estate at Century 21. Where as I was able to dodge the bullet MJ wasn’t and he had to wear the famous C21 golden jacket. After gaining his experience he started working with his family developing hotels in Virginia and North Carolina. He developed 3 hotels in the greater Charlotte market and was also approved by Marriott international to develop and manage their branded hotels. Now his niche is developing and consulting new business and real estate opportunities. It’s easy to see why he is so successful managing his laid back casual attitude with his strong knowledge and expertise. His latest project consists of a resort in St. Lucia which is his first endeavor outside of the US. Not a bad place to test the international waters. For the past 15 years MJ has been living in the Lake Norman area and has seen Birkdale grow from the ground up and was the first to rent office space within the village. I’m sure he is one of the original patrons of our Starbucks. His favorite thing about Birkdale… “the friendly people and what is possible when vision meets opportunity. Where else can you create a new thriving main street/village when just 10 years ago cows were roaming where Victoria Secret is today”.

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