Day 311

Car of the Day:


2007 – Present Lexus LS460

Character of the Day:


Michael – The Philosopher

Michael has served many beers to Shannon and I at Corkscrew. Today instead of being across the bar he was across the table outside of Starbucks enjoying his coffee sharing his story. He was born in Germany and lived there until the age of six. His father was in the Army serving a seven year stint as a MP. His introduction to the States was South Carolina and California. He split time between both states and attended the University of South Carolina studying Philosophy. After college he started working in the restaurant service industry where he made the natural transition into wine sales. It was his wine experience that landed him the job at Corkscrew. What’s apparent when talking to Michael is that he is in tune with himself and others. Our discussion covered a range of topics such as music, spirituality, and life. Never would I have guessed the bartender serving our drinks had such a deep grip on life. That’s what’s so great about Birkdale, the stories behind the people. His future aspiration is to own a place like Corkscrew. “I love people and wine”. His favorite thing about Birkdale… “the diversity of the people within the community”.

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