Day 314

Car of the Day:


1946 Chevy Truck

Character of the Day:


Chris – The Environmental Scientist with a Civil War Gun

I first met Chris at Toastmasters where I got a taste of his dry sense of humor during a March Madness speech. Chris is one of those guys that should have been born in the 50’s. He’s an anominally of the modern man. He is a true southern boy born and raised in Georgia where he attended UGA. It was there where he met his wife of six years (they locked eyes at a bar in Florida where she was drinking from a Football), played in the marching band, and earned his degree in Environmental Science. This is where he becomes a child of the 50’s. He’s actually using his degree and has been working as an Environmental Scientist at Terracon for the past six years. When it comes to a hobby, Chris’s is unique. You can find him decked in full Civil War or WW2 gear shooting the enemy during reenactments. Obviously they use blanks but accidents do happen. “It seems that people tend to get hurt during the Civil War reenactements. One kid loaded a canon which misfired and blew his arm off”. He and his wife recently had their first son and Chris is loving every minute of fatherhood. I enjoyed really getting to know Chris and look forward to seeing him at Birkdale. His favorite thing about Birkdale… “it’s a great example of the way property should be developed so that people can live, work, eat, be entertained, and socialize all within a 5 minute walk”.

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