Day 315

Car of the Day:


2003 – Present Rolls-Royce Phantom

Character of the Day:


Dana, Tammy, & Baby Dane – The Happy Family

I was introduced to the Davis family through Sarah (Day 276). Dana was casually reading the paper and Tammy was cradling Dane with a big smile. Tammy was born in Long Island and grew up in Pittsburgh while Dana is from the Northeast corner of upstate NY. They moved to North Carolina due to the “opportunity and weather”… well as the proximity to the mountains and ocean. Dana attended Bentley College in Boston, MA for his undergrad and also received a Masters degree in business from the State University of New York in Plattsburgh. He works for MoneyGram International (a better version of Western Union) as a Regional Sales Manager  helping establish relationships with mortgage companies in the Payment Products Division. Tammy attended Point Park University where she received her theater degree with dreams of becoming an actress. “I just couldn’t pull the trigger and move to NYC” she said with a smile. “Family is too important”. Motherhood though, has exceeded all of her expectations and it was apparent that she wouldn’t want to do anything else. Birkdale will be remembered fondly in both of their hearts since it was at the Corkscrew where they first met. With Dane in the picture their hobbies have been condensed to grabbing some sleep whenever possible. They are fans of the movies and try to enjoy them as much as possible. They also enjoy travel and working out. It’s great to see such a happy family. Their favorite thing about Birkdale… “The Vibe and the people….this is home and we love it here!!!!!!!!!!!”.

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