Day 317

Car of the Day:


1956 – 1958 Jaguar Mark VIII

Character of the Day:


Heather – Sweet Tooth

I’ve overheard Heather in the past discussing wedding cakes with her clients. Today I was finally able to get her as a Character. She is from Cumberland, Maryland and moved to Charlotte at the age of 4 with the family. According to her, the first year was a little scary since they weren’t living in the best part of town. They quickly moved up to Huntersville and have enjoyed the area ever since. After graduating from Hopewell High she did some modeling in New York City. It was a great experience and a ton of fun but she decided, however that wasn’t the career for her, so she attended the Art Institute of Charlotte to receive a degree in Fashion Marketing. During high school and college she started working for a local cake shop. After realizing she had a knack for decorating she then decided to purchase all of her own equipment and get started on her own. She and her mom perfected recipes together and Heather now runs a business part time out of her house. She hopes to open her own store someday. What really impressed me about Heather was her self awareness.  After constantly getting sick for about a year and a half she decided to keep a food diary to see if there was any correlation. She realized that animal products were causing the issue. She started a Vegan diet and instantly felt better. Wow! Heather’s hobbies emphasize her artistic side such as painting, photography, etc. Shopping is also a must seeing as she works at Nordstrom in Southpark. Her favorite thing about Birkdale… “is always running into people you know… and a soy chai latte of course”!

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