Day 318

Car of the Day:


2007 – Present Audi S5

Character of the Day:


Pat – Artificial Intelligence to Human Intelligence

My introduction to Pat was at Toastmasters. The bright green room with Staples “Easy” buttons on each table where the meetings were held was actually HIS office. I then heard him speak during the impromptu portion of the meeting which resulted in some serious laughter on my part. Pat was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan where he attended Central Michigan University. He received his degree in Computer Science and started working for Bendix right out of college. “I wouldn’t recommend anyone going straight to work out of school” he said with a smile. You see, Pat is a kid at heart and had a difficult time working in corporate America. After moving to and living in New Jersey for 14 years he and his wife Karen (who was introduced to him through his neighbor) decided it was time for a change. Focusing east of the Mississippi and south of Jersey his wife spotted Lake Norman on the map. After doing some reconnaissance they were on their way down. It was 2 years after his move when he decided the computer field was no longer for him. While heading home one evening he heard a commercial for a Franchise show and immediately pointed his car in that direction. It was there he learned about Sandler Sales Insitute. It has been seven years now and he has enjoyed every minute of teaching people how to effectively communicate with each other. As you might have noticed from the picture above he loves the outdoors and does everything from slalom skiing, snow skiing, biking, and camping. Spending time with his family is a must especially with his son Ben and daughter Katie. His favorite thing about Birkdale… “people watching”.

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