Day 320

Car of the Day:


2006 – Present GL450

Character of the Day:


Karen – Cold Stone Queen

First off it’s imperative that we let everyone know that Karen is a huge NC State fan. She overhead me saying that I wouldn’t hold it against someone since they attended NC State, this of course coming from a proud ECU alumni. “I was looking for something to throw at you” she said with a smile when she told me of her Wolf pack allegiance. Karen, a true southern bell, was born and raised in Shelby, NC. She attended UNCC where she received her degree in Psychology.  It was there she met her husband of 30 years who was introduced to her through a suite mate. Their first date was at the Stonehenge restaurant in Charlotte but the spark didn’t happen until they later went to Carowinds. Her husband, who was a senior when she was a sophomore, was her inspiration to follow the 3 year plan. They were married after her graduation and she promptly moved to Wilmington to join him.  They have two children who both attended NC State (which continued to foster her previously mentioned allegiance). Thanks to Karen we can enjoy sweet creamy treats in Birkdale from her store, Coldstone Creamery, which is one of four they currently own. She happened to be in Birkdale today to interview prospective managers. Amazingly six didn’t show for their interview! Odd behavior during a recession. Her love for her family was apparent especially when I learned that she has been able to see both of her children at least every 2 months. An impressive feat considering her daughter lives in Colorado. When she’s not busy keeping and eye on her stores you can catch her tailgating during NC State football games, attending country concerts, or reading the occasional book. Unfortunately we Pirates can’t redeem ourselves in ’09 since State isn’t on the schedule. I had a lot fun interviewing Karen with her candid upbeat personality. Her favorite thing about Birkdale… “how beautiful it is and the inviting shopping atmosphere.”

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