Day 321

Car of the Day:


2006 – Present Lexus LS 460 L

 Character of Day:


Scott – Laid Back PK

Scott and I first met at T1 Tapas where he volunteered a question for Trivia night. Ever since then I’ve seen him randomly around Birkdale. Scott was born and raised in Mississippi and moved to Hendersonville, NC around the age of 15. He attended a liberal arts junior college where he received his two year degree. He then moved to Charlotte to get his 4 year degree at UNCC in Marketing. Since he is the son of a preacher I’m only assuming he had quite a good time in college. His first gig out of college was working at Food Lion where he then transitioned to Harris Teeter. He then decided it was time for a change and decided to ride the real estate wave that was happening. His personality is a perfect match for sales… outgoing and friendly. Currently he sells flooring which is his favorite job to date. Not only is he the consumate salesman but also an athelete. Scott has competed in a couple of sprint triathalons, played in a coed kickball league, and has played many rounds of golf. It was great getting to know this fellow PK who enjoys Birkdale as much as I do. His favorite thing about Birkdale… “the atmosphere”.

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