Day 322

Car of the Day:


2000 – 2006 BMW M3 Convertible

Character of the Day:


Austin – Capturing Adventures with Movies

Austin was sitting with Seth (Day 128) discussing their upcoming trip. Both he and Seth along with 3 friends are flying down to Peru on Monday to go on an eight day surfing trip. This is Austin’s first time out of the country and he’s planning on documenting the whole experience. Austin is a film student who was born in Syracuse, NY and moved to NC when he was 15. It was at the age of nine that his passion for film ignited. His father purchased a video camera and Austin immediately took over the camera filming everything from his friends skateboarding to four wheeling with Jeeps. At first he strayed from his passion when he started taking business classes at Appalachian State with the intent of getting his business degree. It only took one semester for him to realize that business wasn’t his calling. He switched to Film Studies where he received his degree and currently is attending the Savannah College of Art & Design where he is in the graduate Film program. It’s apparent he loves the creativity behind filming. You can see his work at Austin which displays his collections of music videos and commercials. His favorite video he made to date is the music video For The Best which has a Beatles feel. I can’t wait to see his documentary of his trip to Peru. What a great way to start his travels. His favorite thing about Birkdale… “You always can stop by and see someone you know”.

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