Day 323

Car of the Day:

2008 – 2009 Honda S2000 CR

Character of the Day:


Joe – West Coast Racer

I was lucky to get Joe as today’s Character after I’ve seen him pull in numerous times and park his green Ninja 600 next to the curb in Starbucks. He and his family are moving to California on Tuesday. He is originally from Florida where he lived until he was 16. He then moved to Orange county, California where he lived for the next 38 years. Joe started his racing career on the streets with his 500 hp Beetle that was stripped down to 1,100 pounds. He then started racing professionally at the drag strip when he was 26. A crash at 30 ended his career behind the wheel and started his career in the pits. He went back to school where he received his technology degree and started working on communication equipment for race cars. It was in 2006 when he and his family moved to Huntersville to break into the NASCAR scene. Joe enjoyed the ride while it lasted. The combination of the recession and a crash that destroyed his equipment has convinced Joe it’s time to head back home. After talking to him you get the feeling he’s seen a lot and can pretty much handle anything that’s tossed his way… as long as he can relieve some stress at 135 mph on his bike. He’s a seasoned gear head that has stories from races around the world. He’s worked in the pits in Le Mans and has seen every track state side. What’s even more impressive is that after 35 years of riding his bikes he hasn’t had a single accident. As mentioned before I’m glad I got him as a Character before he left. His favorite thing about Birkdale… “Is snagging the bench seat under the tree with my wife to people watch while drinking our Starbucks lattes”.

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