I have numerous people who ask, what’s the point of Coffee at Birkdale?

Coffee at Birkdale is a project intended for a Real Estate Broker (me) to market themselves to a specific community (Birkdale Village). Unlike the stereotypical Broker that uses direct mail (those postcards you throw away) that’s addressed to  “Whom It May Concern or Dear Resident”, I decided to use a different approach. The question is… would you really buy or sell a house from a Broker who doesn’t even know your name? Or your fellow Starbucks patron who you see everyday that knows your name, where you’re from, why you moved here, the name of your kids, where you work, and what you like best about the area? I’m counting on people voting for the latter.

Here is what Coffee at Birkdale provides for the community:

1. Provides a photo, first name, and story of Starbucks patrons who enjoy their coffee in Birkdale Village

1. Provides an icebreaker for introductions to people you see everyday during your coffee

2. Provides a network of individuals with similar tastes

3. Provides a sense of community

4. Allows individuals to tell their story

5. Provides a glimpse of the Birkdale lifestyle

6. Provides first hand information of Birkdale and surrounding areas

7. I am a car nut which is the reason behind Car of the Day

3 thoughts on “What is Coffee at Birkdale?

  1. It allows people who used to live around Birkdale and longer visit the area, a chance to keep up with the news and community.

  2. I’m not sure its genius…because what is really GENIUS about the most basic need of friendship and community………..but I truly love this. I love the spirit of your process, and hope you make a friggin’ killing in the real estate from it. Or at the very least meet some really cool people. (and likely some strange ones)

  3. I had a wonderful time meeting with you tonight and learning about your project. I think its an excellent self-marketing approach and appears to be successful in your favor, Stephen! You have an interesting story and history and I think you’re a very charismatic and excellent person to know. Hope to run into you again one day!

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